- AA0ZZ IQPro -

       0 - 30 MHz VFO Using an AD9854 Direct Digital Synthesizer      


    IQPro in May/June 2006 QEX magazine     (Click to open)

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IQPro Components For Sale

  IQPro Bare Board Set    - $25   SOLD OUT!
  IQPro Board Set with AD9854 mounted    - $65   SOLD OUT!
  2x16 LCD (same part that was previously offered in full kit)   SOLD OUT!
  Programmed PICs (two 16F877A PICs with latest IQPro code)   SOLD OUT!
  Two FT37-43 Toroids, 26 ga magnet wire (3 colors)   SOLD OUT!
  Printed Manual   SOLD OUT!

  FULL IQPRO KIT (see below)   SOLD OUT!

    Full Parts List (PDF format)

Sorry - this kit and parts are now retired.